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Remember, price is what you pay, value is what you get. This is the immense potential of blockchain. Its digital, and can be used for both in-person transactions and online transactions..
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Reddit bitcoin cash markets

reddit bitcoin cash markets

panic about the futures once they are established and sophisticated market operators are fully active they are great news for Bitcoin as they will bring liquidity and probably lower volatility. To make things simple imagine you can borrow what ever capital K you like and that is the source of all your money (this is actually how it works for primary dealer level banks). Futures and spot and also between exchanges.

BitMEX is NOT a spot market it is a futures market! You borrow your friend's 1 bitcoin and sell it on spot for price S0 (the high price remember and only at the spot exchange do you see such a juicy nice high price!) at the same time you buy 1 futures contract.

I think our strategy should be lay low for the dec 10 thing so people have some confidence bcash is going away since the big boys are betting on btc. Bitcoin is a bubble or new technology? If the contract requires delivery of raspberries you don't get to deliver blueberries regardless of perhaps raspberries and blueberries typically being the same price lets say, you will need to exchange them and any exchange or transaction has risks involved. Your position is 1 short futures contract and 1 bitcoin. For a physically delivered future you transfer your Bitcoin you own from buying at the spot exchange to the delivery location/system of the futures exchange. Dont think bcash supporters like Ver, Wu, and shitlord will just sit on the sidelines. You do this for 1 bitcoin worth, the size of a single cboe futures contract. It would be a great service to the community if the Bitcoinity operator could add various spreads and then it will be easier for people to watch for futures driven momentum ignition and learn to avoid being gamed by the professionals, however public access. You sell your 1 bitcoin back on spot at time 1 for price.